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It’s important to note that it isn’t necessarily the event itself but the effect the event has on the person that makes something traumatic. The same event can impact people completely differently. How people react to a given event can be based on many factors—so, while people like to compare experiences, that’s not the best way to approach things when talking about traumatic experiences. If you experience trauma and register it as something traumatic to you, the effects can linger after the event. A defining point that differentiates some- one who might just be stressed from someone experiencing trauma is that the person with trauma can be psychologically taken back to that event and experience it all over again. This trauma response is characterized by a lack of control, meaning the person can’t stop or influence what’s happening. Trauma alters a person’s state of being and how they see the world and can physically affect the body as well. Trauma is harder to regulate than stress. However, trauma is a stress- related condition. Most people who live through traumatic event end up with depression or anxiety—which are already common in the general population—and so trauma-informed yoga is well suited for anyone living a stressed life.

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